Our Personal Information Protection Policy

Fukuoka City Single Parent Family Information Portal Site "TAYOTTE" (hereinafter referred to as "The Site") will handle the collection, use, and management of personal information appropriately as described below, making every effort to ensure that The Site provides all users with peace of mind.

1. Basic Approach

The Site administrator collects information from users of The Site to the extent necessary for the smooth operation of the services provided on The Site (such as offering information through this website, distributing new information, and receiving various opinions). The collected information will be handled appropriately, within the scope of the purpose of its use.

2. Scope of Information Collected

The Site automatically collects information such as the Internet domain names, IP addresses, and browsing history of the pages users have viewed on the Site and learns how they viewed them (hereinafter referred to as "browsing history"). Cookies (information stored in the user's browser and sent by the user's browser to the server) are used only for the purpose of identifying the user on the server side, collecting browsing history and understanding the status of browsing this site (such as access frequency), as well as improving the convenience of the browser display function.

3. Purpose of Use

  1. The information collected in Section 2 will be used as a reference for the smooth operation of the services provided by The Site.
  2. Depending on the content, requests and inquiries may be forwarded to relevant parties. The information collected will also be used as reference for planning future measures.

4. Restrictions on Uses and Provisions

Except in cases of legal disclosure requests, illegal access, threats, other unlawful acts, or for other special reasons, the administrator of The Site will not use the collected information for any purpose besides those described in 3. Purpose of Use. However, statistically processed information on access to this website, user attributes, and other information may be disclosed to the public.

5. Security Measures

The administrator of The Site will take the necessary measures to prevent leakage, loss, or damage of the collected information and will otherwise appropriately manage the collected information.
The Site's operations may be outsourced, and the outsourced company will also take necessary measures to ensure the appropriate management of the information it has collected.

6. Disclosure of Information about Yourself

Disclosure requests may be made if information that has been collected through requests, e-mails, or other inquiries falls under the category of retained personal information.

7. Scope of Application

This policy applies only to The Site; it does not apply to other websites linked to The Site.
For the privacy policies of the social networking services used by The Site, please refer to the websites of the respective providers.

8. Regarding Access Analysis Tools

To monitor site usage and improve site quality, The Site uses Google Analytics, Google's access analysis tool. This access analysis tool uses cookies to collect traffic data, which is not personal data. The information collected by cookies is used to improve our services, such as making our ads more effective and enhancing the user experience.

Google's privacy policy governs how The Site handles the data we collect and how we protect your privacy. For more information on the handling of your privacy by Google Analytics, please refer to their Privacy Policy - Policies and Terms.

9. Others

This privacy policy may be revised from time to time. Any revisions will be posted on The Site.