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Free Early Childhood Education and Childcare

Pre-school Child's education and tuition

All children aged 3 to 5 attending prechools, kindergartens or nursery schools, and children aged 0 to 2 in need of childcare who come from households exempt from residential taxation are eligible fo…

Support for high school students until graduation (Enrollment Assistance Grant System)

Child's education and tuition High school students Getting money

This is a system to reduce the financial burdens of education on households with high-school students.  High School Enrollment Assistance Grant Those Eligible for Enrollment Assistance Those who…

Support for paying lunch fees and school supplies {for elementary and junior high school students} (School Expense Assistance Program)

Elementary school students Middle school students Child's education and tuition Getting money

This system provides assistance to those who are struggling, due to financial reasons, to pay for necessary expenses such as school lunches (at public elementary and junior high schools only) and sch…

Regarding Child Support and Visitation

I want to connect with people・I want to join social events Child's education and tuition

It is a parent's natural obligation to pay child support. When a couple with minor children divorces, one of them will be designated as the custodial parent. The custodial parent is responsible f…

Fukuoka City Livelihood and Independence Support Center

I want to go to work Child's education and tuition Consultation

The Fukuoka City Livelihood and Independence Support Center is a free counseling service offering support to those who are struggling with daily life and work. The Livelihood and Independence Supp…