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Support for paying lunch fees and school supplies {for elementary and junior high school students} (School Expense Assistance Program)

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This system provides assistance to those who are struggling, due to financial reasons, to pay for necessary expenses such as school lunches (at public elementary and junior high schools only) and school supplies for children attending primary or junior high schools in Fukuoka City or Prefecture.

Those Eligible for Support
  1. Those who are receiving a child rearing allowances a single-parent family, based on the Child Rearing Allowance Law
  2. Those who are exempt from paying municipal or prefectural tax or are eligible to receive a tax exemption.

There may be cases in addition to the above where the applicant is eligible for this subsidy.


Please submit the necessary documents either to the school your child is attending or to the Board of Education, Education Support Section (11th floor of Fukuoka City Hall)

Contact for inquiries
  • The school your child is attending, or
  • Fukuoka City Board of Education, Education Support Section Phone Number:711-4693


Department: Fukuoka City Board of Education