Page Number: 61

2. Procedures for Registering Certificates of Residence and Seals

Notification of Residence Registration

If you are moving to a new address when you get a divorce, please follow the change of address procedures. To report your change of address, please bring a document proving your identity (such as a driver's license or passport) since your identity will need to be verified. For detailed procedures and necessary documents, please refer to the following information.


Notification of Seal Registration

When people with a registered seal (inkan) change their family name (surname) upon divorce, the registration will automatically be cancelled for those whose seals are registered under that family name or the family name and first name. Those who need to register a new seal will have to go through the necessary procedures.
Those who aren't changing their family name or who have registered only their first name seal don't need to follow this procedure. You can continue to use your seal.



Contact→the Citizens' Division of each ward office or branch office