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5. Various Name Change Procedures

Procedures for Motorized Vehicles (such as motorcycles under 125 CC)

When the name or address of the owner of a motorcycle of 125 cc or less changes, procedures are required.
For motorcycles over 125 cc, please check in advance as the reception counter depends on the type of motorcycle you own.


Contact→the Administration Section, Taxation Division of each ward office


Changes to City Tax Account Transfers

For city tax account transfers, if the account or the name of the bank account holder changes, you will need to resubmit a request for a tax account transfer.


Contact→the Collection Management Section, Tax Payment Management Division, City Hall


Procedures for Municipal Housing

If the name or address of a municipal housing resident (the owner or a person living with the resident) changes, the resident must go through the procedures to change this information at the Fukuoka City Housing Supply Corporation.


Changing Information on Your Driver's License

When changing your address, permanent address, or name, you must immediately report these changes to the police station or driver's license center nearest to your new address. The changes will be written on the back of your driver's license.


Motor Vehicle Registration Changes

When the name or address of the owner of a vehicle changes, it is necessary to register this change.


Ordinary Motor Vehicles


Light Motor Vehicles


Changing Your Passport Entries

To change your name or the name of the prefecture of your legal domicile on your passport, there are procedures you need to follow.