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4.Procedures for Allowances and Subsidies

If you are receiving various allowances or medical expense subsidies, you may be required to go through procedures such as changing your name as as result of a divorce. In addition, you may be entitled to receive allowances if you are raising a child as a single parent. For details, please contact the relevant office in charge.


The Medical Expense Subsidy System (for Children, the Severely Disabled, and Single Parent Families)

  • Social Insurance for Everyone, "Medical Expense Subsidy System"

Procedures for the Single-Parent Family Medical Certificate

Medical expenses (the amount equivalent to the patient's share of insured treatment) will be subsidized for city residents who are enrolled in a health insurance plan and fall under any of the following categories, 1 to 3 (a partial co-payment is required).

  1. Mothers and children of single-parent families
  2. Fathers and children of single-parent families
  3. Children without parents

To receive these subsidies, you must apply for them.
For details on the subsidy period, scope, and method, please visit Social Insurance for Everyone (the Medical Expense Subsidy System for Single Parent Families).


Contact→the Insurance Section, Insurance and Pension Division of each ward or branch office


Allowances for Children (such as the Child Allowance, Single-Parent Child-Rearing Financial Support Allowance, and Special Child-Rearing Financial Support Allowance)


Contact→the Child-Rearing Support Section of each ward office


Welfare for the Disabled (such as the Special Disability Allowance, Physical Disability Certificate, or Rehabilitation Certificate)


(For physical and intellectual disabilities, as well as incurable diseases) the Welfare and Long-Term Care Insurance Division of each ward office
(For mental or developmental disabilities) the Health Division of each ward office


Medical Expense Subsidies for Specified Treatments (e.g., subsidies for chronic pediatric diseases, specified medical expenses (designated incurable diseases))

Contact→the Health Division of each ward office