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The Single Parent Family Medical Expense Subsidy System

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In an effort to improve the health and welfare of parents and children in single-parent families, as well as children without parents, medical expense subsidies are provided.

Those Eligible for Subsidies

Fukuoka City residents covered by public health insurance and meet one of the following criteria:

  1.  Mothers and children of single-parent families
  2. Fathers and children of single-parent families
  3. Children without parents

*Up to those whose 18th birthday falls on or before March 31st of the fiscal year are eligible for the subsidy.

*Eligibility includes cases where (1) the child's father is severely disabled, and (2) the child's mother is severely disabled (assessed at National Pension Disability Level 1).

*However, those in the following categories are not eligible for the subsidy:

  • Those who are receiving public assistance
  • Children who have not yet entered elementary school and are eligible for children's medical expense subsidies
  • Those whose income (after certain deductions) in the previous year (or the year before if applying from January to September) exceeds a certain amount (in compliance with the partial provision of child support allowance).
  • When the applicant is in a de facto marriage, even if the marriage has not been registered.

The Scope of the Subsidy

Out of an amount equivalent to the copayment of medical expenses covered by health insurance, medical expenses will be subsidized, excluding the following:
However, only for medical expenses related to hospitalization, elementary and junior high school students are fully subsidized for the amount equivalent to their health insurance copayment.
For Each Medical Institution

  • Hospital visits: up to 800 yen per month (elementary and junior high school students: up to 500 yen per month)
  • Hospitalization: 500 yen per day (up to 7 days per month) (elementary and junior high school students: not covered)

*There are no co-payments at the pharmacy.
*To those who qualify for public assistance such as medical care subsidies to achieve independence, the subsidy will be provided for the equivalent of the remaining co-payment amount minus the above expenses, after giving priority to such systems.
*Fees that are not covered by health insurance, such as meals, private hospital rooms, medical examinations, and special dental treatments, are not included in the subsidy.

Application Procedure

It is necessary to apply for the subsidy in order to receive it.

Necessary Items for Application:
  • Health insurance cards for all eligible persons
  • A copy of the family register
  • Certificates such as Childcare Allowance Certificate or Survivor's Basic Pension Certificate
  • Income certificate (may be required if you moved into the city)
  • Any other necessary documents (please inquire at your local ward office)

Other Medical Expense Subsidy Systems

  • Children's Medical Care
    If applicable to the single-parent family, it is for children who have not yet entered elementary school
  • Medical Care for the Severely Disabled 
    For those with the Physical Disability Certificate Level 1 or 2, the Severe (A) Grade Rehabilitation Certificate, or Level 1 of the Mental Disability Health and Welfare Certificate.
 Contact Information

The Insurance Section, Insurance and Pension Division, of each Ward Office

  • Higashi Ward Office:092-645-1102
  • Hakata Ward Office:092-419-1118
  • Chuo Ward Office:092-718-1124
  • Minami Ward Office:092-559-5152
  • Jonan Ward Office:092-833-4123
  • Sawara Ward Office:092-833-4372
  • Nishi Ward Office:092-895-7090
  • Iribe Branch Office Insurance and Welfare Desk:092-804-2014
  • Saito Branch Office Insurance Section:092-806-9432


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