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Allowance for Orphans left Homeless by Disaster

Getting money

To promote sound child development and welfare, this allowance is provided to guardians supporting children who have lost one or both of their parents (including those who have become severely disabled) due to traffic accidents, industrial accidents, or other unforeseen disasters.
It is necessary that you apply for the allowance to receive it.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The applicant must be currently supporting a child who has not yet completed compulsory education and who has lost one or both parents (including cases where the child has become severely disabled) due to a traffic accident, industrial accident, or other unforeseen disaster.
  2. Both the guardian and the child must be Fukuoka City residents, recorded in the city's Basic Resident Registry.

Monthly Allowance

4,000 yen per child

Application Procedures

Before applying, please check which documents are required for application at the Child Rearing Support Section of your local ward office.

Other Allowances

  • Child Allowance (for children up to the third grade of junior high school)
  • Third Child Allowance
    (for a third child who is being raised at home during the three-year period before entering elementary school)
  • Special Child Rearing Financial Support Allowance
    (for those with disabilities under 20 years old)

*All of these allowances are subject to restrictions such as income limits, so please inquire for details.

Contact Information

Child and Family Welfare Section, Child Rearing Support Division of each ward office

  • Higashi Ward Office:092-645-1068
  • Hakata Ward Office:092-419-1080
  • Chuo Ward Office:092-718-1101
  • Minami Ward Office:092-559-5123
  • Jonan Ward Office:092-833-4103
  • Sawara Ward Office:092-833-4354
  • Nishi Ward Office:092-895-7065
Department: Child and Family Welfare Desk, Child-Rearing Support Section