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Childcare Facilities

Sending child I want to go to work Pre-school

Childcare services are provided to parents and guardians who find it difficult to care for their children at home, due to work or illness. You may apply to use this service once your child turns 3 months old.

Available Childcare Facilities

Fukuoka City's website lists the available childcare facilities.
(For information on the availability of special daycare services at childcare centers, please visit the Fukuoka Children's Information website.)


Preschool/Nursery Schools (for children 0-5 years old)

These child welfare facilities offer childcare to parents and guardians who are unable to care for their children at home, for reasons such as work.

Licensed Childcare Centers (for children 0-5 years old)

These facilities combine the functions and features of both preschools (kindergartens) and nursery schools.
There are four types of certified childcare centers, as follows.
*Currently, Fukuoka City has two types of facilities: combined childcare centers and kindergartens.

Combined Childcare Centers
This type of accredited childcare center is a single facility that combines the functions of both kindergartens and nursery schools. 
This type of licensed kindergarten is an accredited childcare center with functions similar to a daycare center, such as providing additional hours of care for those who need it.
Preschools/Nursery Schools 
This type of licensed daycare center is an accredited childcare center that functions like a kindergarten, in that it accepts children besides those who need childcare.
Local Unlicensed Facilities
These facilities are not licensed as either kindergartens or childcare centers, but the staff may be accredited. 
This type of local educational and childcare facility fulfills the necessary functions as an accredited preschool.

 Regional Childcare Programs (for children 0-2 years old)

These programs provides childcare services for children from 0 to 2 years old in small groups, including the following types. For information on each type of program, please see p. 28.

  • Family-style Childcare
  • Small-scale Childcare
  • On-site Childcare
  • In-home Childcare

*The Regional Childcare  Program is a system in which a child is assigned to an affiliated facility (nursery school, certified childcare center, or kindergarten) after turning 3 years old. Upon graduating from the childcare program, the child can continue to use this affiliated facility.


Application Requirements

Those who meet the following conditions (1) and (2) are eligible to apply.
(1) The child and the parent or guardian live in Fukuoka City. (As a rule, the applicant must have a certificate of residence in Fukuoka City.)
(2) The child's parent or guardian must meet 1 of the following conditions:a) Working (60 hours or more per month)
b) Pregnant or soon after childbirth (from 2 months before the month of delivery to 8 weeks after the date of delivery)
c) Having an illness, injury, or disability
d) Providing constant care or nursing a relative living with you (including those who are hospitalized for a long time) (60 hours or more per month)
e) Engaging in disaster recovery 
f) Seeking employment
g) Attending school (excluding correspondence courses) (60 hours or more per month)
(h) Having a child who is already in childcare when you take maternity or paternity leave and you need to keep using this service
(i) In other cases deemed necessary by the head of the welfare office 


At least one month prior to the date you wish to use the service, prepare the necessary documents and apply to the Child Rearing Support Section of the ward office where the childcare facility of your first choice is located.
If you wish to use the service from April 1 of a new fiscal year, applications will be accepted from around October of the current FY, so you should apply to your preferred childcare facility then.
Before applying, please visit all the childcare facilities under consideration with your child, have an interview with the staff, and receive an explanation of important matters.
*Your Personal ID number  ("My Number") is required for this procedure.

Childcare Fees

Childcare for children aged 3 and older is free of charge, and only the cost of side dishes (the sub-meal fee) is charged to the parent or guardian of the child.
 Childcare fees for children under 3 years old are determined by the guardian's income (e.g., the amount of municipal taxes paid)
  Single-parent families may be eligible for reduced childcare fees.

Contact for inquiries

Child Rearing Support Section, in the Family Welfare Section Division of each ward office

Childcare Hours

Monday through Saturday, from 7 am to 6 pm

*When childcare facilities are set up for shorter hours, within the above time range, up to 8 hours per day
(Available hours vary, depending on the childcare facility)
*For those who are unable to watch their children due to night shifts at work, nighttime childcare centers are also available from 11 am to 10 pm.

Open Days

From Monday to Saturday (closed on Sundays, National Holidays, and from 12/29 through 1/3)

Extended-Hours Childcare

Description: Extended hours are provided for those whose working hours exceed regular childcare hours.

  • Extended hours range from 1 to 4 hours, in one-hour increments.
  • Depending on the facility, childcare fees vary.

*Extended hours, their implementation, and fees vary by facility, so check with each facility for more details.

Holiday Childcare

Description: Childcare is provided for those who work on Sundays or holidays, on days when childcare facilities are closed. Please check with the following childcare facilities for details.
(This service is also offered for children enrolled in a childcare facility other than the following ones that implement this program.)

Childcare hours: from 7 am to 6 pm

*Chilcare Facilities Offering Holiday Childcare
  Telephone Number
Kashii Nursery School (Higashi Ward) 681-1140
Doronko Nursery School (Hakata Ward) 271-3343
Naka Nursery School (Hakata Ward) 431-3882
Chiyo Nursery School (Hakata Ward) 651-2615
Chuo Nursery School (Chuo Ward) 771-6010
Hinata-Bokko Tenjin Kita (Chuo Ward) 707-2820
Hinata-Bokko Takamiya (Minami Ward) 408-8858
Taguma Nursery School (Sawara Ward) 871-3814
Meinohama Nursery School (Nishi Ward) 881-0322
Tara Nursery School (Nishi Ward) 806-2821




Department: Child and Family Welfare Desk, Child-Rearing Support Section