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In-home Childcare Service

Sending child Pre-school

This is a when an establishment approved by Fukuoka City provides childcare services for children (from age 3 months on up) needing care at the child's home.

Contact for inquiries

Child and Family Welfare Section, Child Rearing Support Division of each ward office

  • Higashi Ward Office:092-645-1068
  • Hakata Ward Office:092-419-1080
  • Chuo Ward Office:092-718-1101
  • Minami Ward Office:092-559-5123
  • Jonan Ward Office:092-833-4103
  • Sawara Ward Office:092-833-4354
  • Nishi Ward Office:092-895-7065

In-home Childcare Service Operation Support Section

Telephone Number:092-711-4245

Department: Child and Family Welfare Desk, Child-Rearing Support Section