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Fukuoka Family Support Center

Sending child I want to go to work Pre-school Elementary school students

This center brings together those who want support for child-rearing ("Requesting Members") and others who want to support parents in child-rearing ("Providing Members" ).
Members provide mutual support for raising children in the community. Any reason for making a request is acceptable.
For example:

  • If you cannot pick up your child from the day-care center due to your work schedule.
  • If you are worried about your child alone being home alone after returning from after-school childcare.
  • If you are tired from childcare and would like to go shopping alone for a change of pace.

However, please note the following, as a general rule.
*The Providing Member will look after the child at his/her home.
*If the Providing Member agrees to it, early morning or late night support may be provided, but the child cannot stay overnight.

Eligibility criteria for children to receive this support:

Children from the ages of 3 months to the 6th grade of elementary school
(For children with special needs such as disabilities, support is generally available up to 18 years old.)


Membership registration is required. (Registration: free of charge, advance reservation required)

  • Those who wish to have support for child-rearing (Requesting Members) must reside or work in Fukuoka City, and must take a video training course (about 1 hour) conducted by the Center. (A 3cm X 2.4cm photo of the applicant's face is required.)
  • Those who wish to support childcare (Providing Members) must be physically and mentally healthy, live in Fukuoka City, be able to safely care for children at their home, and must attend a training course conducted by the Center.
User Fees

Monday through Saturday, from 7 am to 7 pm: 600 yen per hour
For hours outside of the above, and on Sundays and public holidays: 800 yen per hour
If pick-up or drop-off is provided, it's an additional 100 yen per trip
Fees are paid directly by the requesting member to the providing member whenever services are requested.

Contact for inquiries
Name Address Telephone Number
(inside the Fukuoka City Council of Social Welfare)
2nd Floor, Fukufuku Plaza 
3-3-39 Arato, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 
Higashi Branch 
(in the Higashi Ward Council of Social Welfare Offices)
1st Floor, Higashi Public Health Center 
2-54-27 Hakozaki, Higashi-ku
Hakata Branch 
(in the Hakata Ward Council of Social Welfare Offices)
6th Floor, Hakata Ward Office
2-8-1 Hakata-Ekimae, Hakata-ku 
Chuo Branch
(in the Chuo Ward Council of Social Welfare Offices)
1st Floor, Chuo Ward Office 
2-5-31 Daimyo, Chuo-ku
Minami Branch
(in the Minami Ward Council of Social Welfare Offices)
Inside the Minami Ward Office Annex
3-25-1 Shiobara, Minami-ku
Jonan Branch
(in the Jonan Ward Council of Social Welfare Offices)
1st Floor, Jonan Health Center
5-2-25 Torikai, Minami-ku
Sawara Branch
(in the Sawara Ward Council of Social Welfare Offices)
1st Floor, UMIBE Building
1-1-1 Momochi, Sawara-ku
Nishi Branch
(in the Nishi Ward Council of Social Welfare Offices)
1st Floor, Kitayama Kosan Building 
1-7-1 Uchihama, Nishi-ku
Department: Fukuoka Family Support Center