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Short Stays for Children

Sending child Pre-school Elementary school students Middle school students High school students

 When parents or guardians are temporarily unable to care for their child at home due to illness or childcare fatigue, they may ask for their child to be placed in the care of a children's home or infant home. (As a rule, the child must return home within 7 days).
Please note that this service will not be available if the number of children exceeds the capacity of the facility.

User Fees (daily)
Child's Age Single Parent Households
Households receiving public assistance
Households exempt from municipal tax
Other households
Under 2 years old Free of charge 5,350yen
Over 2 years old Free of charge 2,700yen
Implementing Facility 
Name Address Telephone Number
Fukuoka Infant Care Center 1-1-14 Nishiharu-cho, Hakata-ku 573-7025
Fukuoka Kodomo-no-Ie Mizuho Infant Care Center 6-24-16 Hiigawa, Jonan-ku 871-6172
Fukuoka Child Care Center 2-11-13 Harada, Higashi-ku 621-2241
Wajiro Seishoen 2-30-1 Mitoma, Higashi-ku 606-2109
Fukuoka Children's House 1 Oaza-Nishi, Sawara-ku 803-1217
Fukuoka City Child & Family Support Center SOS Children's Village 2017-2 Imazu, Nishi-ku 805-6800

For urgent cases, such as on weekends, go directly to the facility.

Contact for inquiries

Family and Child Counseling Section, in the Child Rearing Support Division of each ward office


Department: Child and Family Consultation Room, Child-Rearing Support Section