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Daily Life Support Services for Single Parent Families

Sending child Pre-school Elementary school students

When a single-parent family or a widow/widower needs:
   (1) temporary daily living support such as help with housework or childcare due to job hunting, temporary illness (excluding infectious diseases), accidents, having to attend ceremonial occasions or school events, or  
   (2) childcare services (for children from infancy through elementary school age) due to overtime work hours, 
a Family Life Support worker (a qualified home helper who has completed childcare support training and is registered with the Single Parent Family Support Center) is dispatched to the home. As a rule, in both situations (1) and (2), this service can be used up to 20 times a year.
 Depending on the region, date and time, the nature of the support, and the household status, it may not be possible to send a Family Life Support worker. Please inquire about these details in advance. 

Eligible Households

Single Parent Families、Widows or Widowers

Types of Support
  • The care and feeding of infants and children
  • Home cleaning and personal care 
  • Putting children to sleep, or shopping for daily necessities

Prior consultation and registration is required (registration after the fact is possible in unavoidable circumstances).
Whenever you wish to use the service, you must call to request the dispatch of a Family Life Support worker.

User fees
Classification of Households using the Service Amount paid by the user (per hour)
  Child Rearing Assistance Daily Living Assistance
Households receiving public assistance or those exempt from paying municipal tax 0yen 0yen
Households where the main earner's income for the previous year (for the period from January to July, the previous two years) is less than the amount specified in Article 2-4, paragraph 2 of the Order for Enforcement of the Child Support Allowance Law 70yen 150yen
Households other than the above 150yen 300yen

*Depending on the number of children, the user's cost burden for childcare support may vary.
*Fees for daily living assistance will be applied to childcare support at the user's residence.

Contact for inquiries

Fukuoka City Single Parent Family Support Center

2-5-15 Otemon, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi Phone Number:715-8805

Department: Single Parent Family Support Center