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After-School Program

Sending child I want to go to work Elementary school students

For children whose parents are not home after school due to work or other commitments, an after-school program is set up in elementary schools (except for some of them) as a place for children to play and wait for pick-up.

Eligible Children

Children either living in Fukuoka City, or those enrolled in Fukuoka City elementary Schools


Please apply directly to your child's school's program
*Please confirm in advance if "proof of employment" from parents or guardians is required to apply for this program.

Hours of Use/User Fees
Days Hours User Fees (monthly)
Mondays through Fridays From after school lets out until 5 pm
 (When schools are closed, from 8 am)
Extend by 1 hour (until 6 pm) +2,000yen
Extend by 2 hours (until 7 pm) +2,000yen
Saturday From 8 am to 6 pm +2,000yen


*Closed on Sundays, national holidays, 8/13-15, 12/29-1/3
*An additional "membership fee" (the actual cost of snacks) is required by each after-school program
*There is a fee reduction and exemption system for those who receive school fee assistance (see page 39).

Contact for inquiries

Fukuoka City Board of Education, Division of After-School Child Development

Phone Number:711-4662

Department: Fukuoka City Board of Education