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Graduation Fund Loan and Scholarship System

High school students University students

Loans are available to help your child enter high school, vocational school, or college.

Name of Institution or Program Contact for inquiries

Fukuoka City Welfare Fund for Single Parents, Children, and Widows

※These loans cannot be used in combination with loans from other institutions or systems.

The Child Rearing Support Section of each ward office
► Family and Child Counsultation Offices (see pages 45-46)
Please visit pages 41-42 for more detailed information.
 (Publicly funded) Fukuoka City Education Foundation 721-1709
(Publicly funded) Fukuoka Education and Culture Scholarship Foundation 641-7326
(Independently funded) Japan Student Services Organization

Scholarship Consultation Center
Counseling for general inquiries about scholarships and repayment is available at this desk.


(Nationwide 0570 NTT Navi Dial service) 
Weekdays from 9 am to 8 pm

*Scholarship procedure schedules and individual submission materials are available at this center.
For information on support systems for high school students, (such as the Enrollment Assistance Grant), please contact the school your child is attending.

National Education Loan from Japan Finance Corporation (National Life Service)

●Fukuoka Branch (for Higashi and Hakata ward residents)


●Fukuoka Nishi Branch (for Chuo, Minami, Jonan, Sawara and Nishi wards)


●Education Loan Call Center (0570 NTT Navi Dial)

-If you are unable to use the Navi Dial number on the phone service you are subscribed to, please call 03-5321-8656.

Living and Welfare Fund

*Other systems have priority.
*Please call us first.

Living and Welfare Fund Reception Center
(Living and Welfare Section, Fukuoka City Council of Social Welfare) on the 4th floor of the Citizen's Welfare Plaza 
  3-3-39 Arato, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City 
Hours: Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm.
(except national holidays and year-end holidays)
Phone Number:791-5708

Eligibility requirements, application periods, and loan amounts vary by institution and program. Please inquire with each institution and program for more information.


Department: Child and Family Consultation Room, Child-Rearing Support Section