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The Child Allowance System

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The Child Allowance System provides a stipend to those who are raising children. This allowance is intended to contribute to both family life stability and to the healthy development of the children who will be responsible for the next generation of Japanese society.

Eligible Residents

This allowance is provided to those with a residence in Japan who are raising a child. It is offered until the child graduates from junior high school (until the first March 31st after the child reaches 15 years of age).

Monthly Child Allowance

The following amount is paid for each child.

<Below the lower maximum income limit>

  • From birth to under 3 years old(Uniform monthly allowance):15,000yen
  • From 3 years old to elementary school graduation(For the 1st and 2nd child):10,000yen
  • 3 years old to elementary school graduation(For the 3rd child onward):15,000yen
  • Junior high school student(Uniform monthly allowance):10,000yen

<Between the lower maximum income limit and the upper income threshold>

  • It is the same monthly allowance payment, regardless of age.: 5,000yen

<Above the upper income threshold>※Effective from June 2022

  • No payment is provided

※Method of counting the third child

Counting from the oldest to the second child and so on, the number of children to be cared for (including those up to the first March 31st after they reach 18 years of age).

Necessary Procedures

In order to receive the child allowance, you need to apply for a certificate.

The Child Rearing Support Section of the Health and Welfare Center of each ward office will take your application (or public employees can submit it to their workplace).

The Period and Timing of the Child Allowance Payment

In principle, the child allowance payments will start from the month after the date of your request for certification, and they will end in the month that includes the date when the reason for the allowance expires. Since it is impossible to receive the allowance retroactively, please apply for it within 15 days from the day after the birth of your child or upon moving into a new house. Allowances are paid up to the previous month's amount in October, February, and June.

The Child and Family Welfare Section, Child Rearing Support Division, at the Health and Welfare Center of each ward office

Higashi Branch 

Telephone Number:092-645-1068

Hakata Branch 

Telephone Number:092-419-1080

Chuo Branch

Telephone Number:092-718-1101

Minami Branch

Telephone Number:092-559-5123

Jonan Branch

Telephone Number:092-833-4103

Sawara Branch

Telephone Number:092-833-4354

Nishi Branch

Telephone Number:092-895-7065