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Children's Lesson Support Program

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To help children develop their individuality, abilities, and self-esteem, beyond the influence of the environment in which they were born and raised, electronic coupons will be issued to subsidize the cost of their after-school lessons.

※ Paper coupons will be issued to those without Internet access.

Eligible people

Parents or guardians of children between the 5th grade of elementary school and the 3rd grade of junior high school in households receiving either public assistance or the single-parent child financial support allowance are eligible for this subsidy.

Coupon Subsidy Amount

Up to 10,000 yen per child, per month

Coupon Issuance Period (Subsidy Period)

Every month from July 2022 to March 2023 (Issued at the beginning of each month, it is valid for 1 month.)

Coupons can be used for the following types of classes.

  • Cultural Classes(For example, music, art, calligraphy, abacus, computers, or programming)
  • Sports Lessons(Such as swimming, gymnastics, baseball, soccer, tennis, martial arts, or dance)
  • Cram Schools(Including tutoring, private tutoring, English tutoring, English conversation classes, or online tutoring)

However, coupons can only be used in classrooms that have pre-registered for this project.

Eligible Expenses

  1. Initial Costs (such as admission fees, school entrance fees, or cram school entrance exam fees)
  2. Monthly Tuition or Course Fees
  3. Examination or Achievement Test Fees
  4. Communication Costs 
  5. Tools, teaching materials or tools
  6. Uniforms 
  7. Other items deemed necessary by Fukuoka City

※Only payments for lessons and classes held in registered classrooms are eligible for this subsidy.


Necessary Procedures

Fukuoka City will send a letter of invitation to those who are eligible. When you receive it, please follow the application procedures in accordance with the letter.

For project details and frequently asked questions, click HERE.(external link)

Contact Information

Fukuoka City Children's Learning Support Program Management Office(Until March of 2023)

Telephone number:092-406-3108


Hours: From 9 pm to 6 pm ※Except Year-end/New Year holidays (12/29-1/3)