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Kodomo Plaza

I want to connect with people・I want to join social events Pre-school Consultation

A place where parents and their infants or children can visit at any time and play freely, it also serves as a base for community childcare support activities.

A Place for Parents and Children to Interact

You can discuss issues and exchange information while playing with your children here.
Kodomo Plaza aims to be a place where everyone can enjoy raising children.

A Play Area for Parents and Children to Spend Free Time Together

This is a place where parents and children can spend time freely under their own responsibility. Toys and picture books selected by Kodomo Plaza staff are available.

A Place for Consultation and Participation in Courses

Counseling for matters you may be concerned about is available with staff members who have experience in child-rearing and childcare support activities. Mini-lectures are also offered about once a month.

A Place Offering Information on Child Rearing

Bulletin boards post information on childcare exchange salons and volunteer groups such as child-rearing circles in the ward, as well as information on child-rearing itself.

Eligible Residents

Infants, young children (from age 0 to about 6) and their parents or guardians may participate in this program.

User Fees

User Fees


From 10 am to 4 pm

※Chuo-ku Kodomo Plaza and Minami-ku Ohashi Kodomo Plaza are From 10 am to 4 pm

List of Kodomo Plaza Contacts

Fukuoka City outsources the operation of each Plaza to volunteer groups and NPOs with a proven track record in childcare support. ※In addition to each Kodomo Plaza's regular holidays, they will be closed from Dec. 29 to Jan. 3.

Facility Name  Telephone number Closed
Higashi-ku, Kashii Kodomo Plaza 092-663-3263 Mondays, 3rd Sunday of the month
Higashi-ku, Mitoma Kodomo Plaza 092-692-6267 Wednesdays, 2nd Sunday of the month
Higashi-ku, Higashi-hama Kodomo Plaza 092-292-5320 Thursdays, 3rd Friday of the month
Hakata-ku, Sanno Kodomo Plaza 092-472-6006 Sundays, last Monday of the month December 28th
Hakata-ku, Hakata-minami Kodomo Plaza 092-592-9711 Saturdays, last Friday of the month
Chuo-ku Kodomo Plaza  092-741-3564 Mondays (or the next day when it falls on a public holiday), the end of the month (or the next day when it falls on a Sunday or public holiday)、December 28th
Minami-ku, Ohashi Kodomo Plaza 092-511-3561 Mondays(When it falls on a public holiday, the next day will be closed.)、December 28th ※Opened on August 27, 2022
Minami Ward Hibaru Children's Plaza 092-555-6565 Sundays, first Saturday of the month
Jonan-ku Kodomo Plaza 092-831-4212 Saturdays, last Monday of the month
Sawara-ku, Seinan Kodomo Plaza 092-846-9207 Sundays, first Monday of the month、December 25th
Sawara-ku, Jiromaru-naka Kodomo Plaza 092-862-3752 Saturdays, last Friday of the month
Nishi-ku, Meinohama Kodomo Plaza 092-882-7532 Sundays, last Tuesday of the month
Nishi-ku, Tokunaga Kodomo Plaza 092-806-4733 Mondays, last Thursday of the month
Nishi-ku, Hashimoto Kodomo Plaza 092-407-2862 Wednesdays, last Friday of the month