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Municipal Housing Preference Program

About housing

Tenant Application

For single-parent households in need of housing, there is a preferential lottery in the "regular recruitment" program, in which tenants are selected by lottery four times a year (May, August, November, and February).
If the applicant meets several specific requirements, applications can be accepted at any time. When a residence becomes available, tenants will be selected in the order in which applications were received.
*Specific requirements include: Single-parent households, multiple-child households, households with a mentally or physically handicapped person

Contact for inquiries

Recruitment Section, Municipal Housing Supply Corporation (Municipal Housing Center)

Telephone Number:271-2561

Income Certification

When calculating income for tenant eligibility as well as the basis for calculating rent, single-parent households are eligible for the single-parent exemption.

Contact for inquiries

Survey Section, Operations Division, Municipal Housing Supply Corporation (Municipal Housing Center)

Telephone Number:271-0901

Inquiries regarding other public housing
Housing Type Inquiries to Telephone number
Prefectural Housing Fukuoka Prefectural Housing Supply Corporation 713-1683
UR Urban Renaissance Agency UR Fukuoka Sales Center 722-1101
Department: Municipal Housing Supply Corporation (Municipal Housing Center)