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The Childcare Exchange Salon( A Community Childcare Exchange Support Project)

I want to connect with people・I want to join social events Pre-school

Under the watchful eye of a childcare supporter, parents of infants and young children can visit and spend their free time at a familiar local venue such as a community center, any time it's open, with no set program.(Childcare Supporters help parents and children interact with each other.)

Eligible Residents

Infants, young children (from age 0 to about 6) and their parents or guardians may participate in this program.

User Fees

Free of charge ※Childcare Supporters operate on a volunteer basis.

Necessary Procedures

Nothing in particular

Location, Date and Time

Please contact the Community Health and Welfare Section of the Health and Welfare Center in each ward office, or visit the Fukuoka City website for information on locations and hours.

Fukuoka City Childcare Exchange Salon

Fukuoka City Childcare Exchange Salon(external link)

Contact Information

Community Health and Welfare Division, in the Health and Welfare Center of each ward office

Higashi Ward

Telephone number:092-645-1088

Hakata Ward 

Telephone number:092-419-1100

Chuo Ward

Telephone number:092-718-1111

Minami Ward

Telephone number:092-559-5133

Jonan Ward

Telephone number:092-833-4113

Sawara Ward

Telephone number:092-833-4363

Nishi Ward

Telephone number:092-895-7080

Department: Community Health and Welfare Division, in the Health and Welfare Center