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Family and Child Consultation Room (in the Childcare Support Section of each ward in Fukuoka City)


The Family and Child Consultation Offices of each ward's Child Rearing Support Section are close at hand for residents to receive counseling related to children, family problems, and how to become independent as single-parent families.

Contact Information

Family and Child Counseling Office, Child Rearing Support Division of each ward

  • Higashi Ward Office:092-645-1072
  • Hakata Ward Office:092-419-1084
  • Chuo Ward Office:092-718-1104
  • Minami Ward Office:092-559-5124
  • Jonan Ward Office:092-833-4104
  • Sawara Ward Office:092-833-4357
  • Nishi Ward Office:092-895-7069
Department: Child and Family Consultation Room, Child-Rearing Support Section