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Fukuoka Single Family Support Center (Employment Support)

I want to go to work Consultation
1 Employment Consultation

Considering your family's situation and work experience, such as your job aptitude and motivation to work, employment counselors will provide appropriate advice.
We also offer specific advice on job hunting, such as resume and CV revisions and mock interviews.

2 Employment Support Workshops

We hold employment support workshops to help you obtain qualifications and acquire skills that are likely to lead to employment.
Whenever courses recruit students, they will be announced in Fukuoka City's newsletter.

Course Types (subject to change)
Training for Beginning Nursing Care Workers Word and Excel Basic Course
Practical nursing care worker training (correspondence) Preparation for Word and Excel examinations
Preparatory courses for the Nursing Care Worker Examination Application Utilization Course
Secretarial Certification Level 3 Course Homepage, Power Point Course
Medical Office Work Course Mental Health Type III Course
Nursing Care Administration Course FP Proficiency Test Level 3 Course
Dispensary Clerical Work Course Preparation for Registered Nurse Technical College Examination
Preparation for Registered Seller Examination Preparatory Courses for the Associate Nurse Technical College Examination
Bookkeeping Level 3 Course Recreational Caregiver level 2 Course
First-time Computer Course  
3 Employment Support Service

 We provide information on job openings and workshops by phone or email to those who have registered their skills and desired employment conditions.
There are also computers available for job searches and preparing resumes and CVs.

4 Free Job Placement

Employment counselors will introduce job openings accepted at the Center. A letter of introduction will be issued to those who wish to apply for these positions.

5 Independence Support Program

This program is designed to help recipients of the Single Parent Child Rearing Financial Support Allowance who aim to support themselves through employment. After grasping the recipient's daily life situation and issues through interviews, the program formulator will set goals for self-sufficiency and offer support on an individual basis.
In cooperation with Hello Work and other related organizations, we support recipients in their efforts to find work and become independent.

♦Eligibility Criteria

Those who receive the Single Parent Child Rearing Financial Suport Allowance and are willing to become self-sufficient through employment are eligible.
(Those receiving public assistance are not eligible.)

For other information on daily life or legal consultation, please see pp. 1-2.

Consultation Service Hours

Type/Day Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Employment Consultation from 9:15 am to 5 pm Closed (Holiday) from 9:15 am to 6 pm from 0 pm to 8:45 pm
Independence Support Program From 9 am to 5 pm

*Employment counseling hours on national holidays are the same as on Sundays.
*Closed: Mondays, from December 29th to January 3rd.

There is no fee charged for counseling or attending a workshop.

*For courses requiring an examination, such as computer courses, a certification fee is required.

At the workshops, free childcare is provided for children from age 0 to elementary school age.
Please feel free to inquire about and utilize these services.

Contact for inquiries

Fukuoka City Single Parent Family Support Center

Telephone Number:715-8805

Department: Single Parent Family Support Center