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Program to Support Passing the High School Equivalency Examination

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The subsidy covers a portion of the course fees paid by single parents when they start taking, complete, or pass a high school equivalency examination that develops skills leading to employment (excluding fees covered by the High School Preparation Support Program).

Eligible Applicants
  1.  Single parents with an address in Fukuoka City who are supporting a child under 20 years old (at the time of application for the subsidy after completing and passing the course) or the child of a single parent (under 20 years old when applying for the subsidy after completing and passing the course).
  2.  The applicant must be receiving the Single Parent Child Rearing Allowance or have an income level equivalent to an allowance recipient.
  3. The applicant must be required to pass the high school equivalency examination in order to find a suitable job.
  4. The applicant must not have obtained a college entrance qualification.
  5. The applicant must not have received a prior subsidy from the Program to Support Passing the High School Equivalency Examination.
Subsidy Amounts
  1. 30% of eligible course fees (up to 75,000 yen) at the beginning of the course
  2. 10% of the eligible course fees at the time of completion {for a maximum of 100,000 yen, combined with the expenses in category (1)}
  3. 20% of the eligible course fees when the student passes the course {for a maximum of 150,000 yen in combination with the expenses of categories (1) and (2))

*The subsidy will be paid upon completion of the course.

*Those wishing to receive the subsidy must submit an application form for their desired course at the reception desk and be assigned to that course before it starts.

Contact Information

The Family and Child Counseling Office, Child Rearing Support Division, of each ward

  • Higashi Ward Office:092-645-1072
  • Hakata Ward Office:092-419-1084
  • Chuo Ward Office:092-718-1104
  • Minami Ward Office:092-559-5124
  • Jonan Ward Office:092-833-4104
  • Sawara Ward Office:092-833-4357
  • Nishi Ward Office:092-895-7069


Department: Child and Family Consultation Room, Child-Rearing Support Section