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Childcare Facilities

Sending child I want to go to work Pre-school

Childcare services are provided to parents and guardians who find it difficult to care for their children at home, due to work or illness. You may apply to use this service once your child turns 3 mo…

Unlicensed Childcare Centers

Sending child I want to go to work Pre-school

Unlicensed Childcare Centers are childcare facilities that have not been approved under the provisions of the Child Welfare Law. The applicable age ranges, service contents, and fees vary from facil…

The Single Parent Child Rearing Financial Support Allowance

Getting money

Aiming to stabilize the lives of single-parent households and promote independence, this allowance is provided to children who do not share the same standard of living as their father or mother, for …

Allowance for Orphans left Homeless by Disaster

Getting money

To promote sound child development and welfare, this allowance is provided to guardians supporting children who have lost one or both of their parents (including those who have become severely disabl…

Child Rearing Support Concierge

Pre-school Consultation

The Fukuoka City Child Rearing Support Concierge is a specialist counselor who takes inquiries from parents. After listening to the wishes and working conditions of the household, the Concierge offer…

In-home Childcare Service

Sending child Pre-school

This is a when an establishment approved by Fukuoka City provides childcare services for children (from age 3 months on up) needing care at the child's home. Contact for inquiries Child and Fam…