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Regarding Child Support and Visitation

I want to connect with people・I want to join social events Child's education and tuition

It is a parent's natural obligation to pay child support. When a couple with minor children divorces, one of them will be designated as the custodial parent. The custodial parent is responsible f…

Subsidy to Promote Advanced Vocational Training

Getting money

For a maximum period of 4 years, this program provides financial support for single parents who are studying at a training institute to obtain a qualification that enhances their employability. El…

Independence Support Education and Training Subsidy

I want to go to work Getting money

When a single parent takes and completes an education and training course to develop skills leading to employment, a portion of the course fees paid will be subsidized. Eligibility Criteria An …

Graduation Fund Loan and Scholarship System

High school students University students Borrowing money

Loans are available to help your child enter high school, vocational school, or college.   Name of Institution or Program Contact for inquiries Fukuoka C…

Child Support Contract Guarantee Assistance Program

Getting money

This program subsidizes the cost incurred by a single parent when he or she enters into a child support guarantee contract with a guarantor company. Eligibility Criteria Single parents living i…

The Child Allowance System

Elementary school students Middle school students High school students Getting money

The Child Allowance System provides a stipend to those who are raising children. This allowance is intended to contribute to both family life stability and to the healthy development of the children …

Short-Term Childcare Support Services(Short Stays for Children)

Sending child Pre-school Elementary school students Middle school students High school students

When parents or guardians are temporarily unable to care for their child at home due to illness or childcare fatigue, they may ask for their child to be placed in the care of a foster home institutio…

Silver Human Resources Center Childcare Support Services

Sending child Pre-school

The Silver Human Resources Center provides childcare support services to assist families in which both parents are working outside the home. Types of AssistancePrenatal and Postnatal Assistance P…

The Childcare Exchange Salon( A Community Childcare Exchange Support Project)

I want to connect with people・I want to join social events Pre-school

Under the watchful eye of a childcare supporter, parents of infants and young children can visit and spend their free time at a familiar local venue such as a community center, any time it's open, wi…

Kodomo Plaza

I want to connect with people・I want to join social events Pre-school Consultation

A place where parents and their infants or children can visit at any time and play freely, it also serves as a base for community childcare support activities. A Place for Parents and Children to In…

Prenatal and Postnatal Mother and Child Support Services(Support for Unplanned Pregnancy and Childbirth)

Pre-school Consultation

We provide counseling for those who are struggling with unplanned pregnancy and childbirth. Counselors offer ongoing support for your livelihood and welfare issues, from the first stages of your preg…

Daily Life Support Services for Single Parent Families

Sending child Pre-school Elementary school students

When a single-parent family or a widow/widower needs:    (1) temporary daily living support such as help with housework or childcare due to job hunting, temporary illness (excluding infectious diseas…

On-site Childcare Services

Sending child I want to go to work Pre-school

These government-subsidized childcare facilities are operated by companies for the children of their employees.   If a regional quota is established, local children in need of childcare can also use …

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